Beware Of Dream Sellers

Dream Sellers (DS) are a group of people who sell “dreams / hope / promise/ future” to people.

DS could be

1. Motivation speakers

2. Get-rich youtubers

3. Self-proclaimed stock market gurus

4. Sellers of algo trading bots

5. Pyramid schemes organisers

6. Etc

They always sell expensive products or services (eg seminars / trading bots / telegram channel / etc), promising guaranteed desirable outcome. Millennials prefer quick success via shortcuts. That’s why they are being preyed at all times by DS.

There is no short cut in life. Work hard, work smart. Always take a pinch of salt in everything we do, hear and learn. Trust yourself. If they are so good at what they do, they won’t be bothered entertaining you. A real stock markets guru won’t be bothered wasting time teaching others.

Stay safe, be sceptical and invest in your own knowledge/ objectivity.

Please refer to General Disclaimer of this blog.

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