When Should You Resign?

I would resign if I am no longer required by the firm. What do I mean by this (“the signs or symptoms”)?

I am the “excess”. The firm is over-staffed. Too many people are assigned to changing the single light bulb.

You are no longer receiving any opportunity to grow. If people don’t need you, people will not give you any future opportunity. Learning curve is flat. Will be forever flat.

No promo, minimal or no increment. Does not take a Genius to figure this out?

Your opinions or thoughts are not being respected at all. You area always part of the shadow. People just don’t care about what you think or what you do. You don’t come to office, people also don’t care.

Direct and explicit signals from the bosses – that you must leave!

People start to question every single thing you do e.g why you take leave? why you take medical leave? why you leave so early? why you come to work so late?

Before it is too late, better start to consider your alternative back-up plans.

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