The Real Start-Up

I am currently watching a South Korean series on Netflix – “Start-Up” starring Bae Suzy and Nam-Joo Nyuk. It is about a bunch of young people chasing their dreams to be successful start-up entrepreneurs.

The start-up world comes with harsh reality, as shown in the following stats:

There are numerous reasons why startups would fail:

My personal thoughts on the main reason (“no market need”) – please keep things real. You can think outside the box, but not too out of the box. Do not build a castle in the sky. You have limited resources and you do not have time to spare. Seek advice from an experienced mentor and ask the fella to be very honest with your proposed business model. Tear your business model apart – ask yourself what can go wrong. MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION – WILL PEOPLE BUY THIS OR NOT?

The OST is nice and sounded that you are like in a fairy tale. The real start-up world is not a fairy tale. It is a harsh world out there.

A fairy tale song….

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