Red or Blue?

The terms “red pill” and “blue pill” refer to a choice between revealing an unpleasant or otherwise life-changing truth, represented by the red pill, and remaining in blissful ignorance, represented by the blue pill. The terms reference the 1999 film The Matrix.

In this context, I refer the blue pill as continuing your life without further challenging the status quo or pushing your own personal limits. If you take the blue pill, you will continue to stay in your comfort zone. Life goes on, life is pretty much BAU. Should you choose the red pill, you will realise that there may be something you can work to improve your overall life.

Watch the Youtube below – a typical day in life of an average Japanese Salaryman in Tokyo. Something is seriously not right somewhere somehow in the video. Everything seems like a Matrix – a daily mechanical routine of a young man in his life – wake up early, goes to work and goes home late and repeat the cycle over and over again. He is happy to be cramped up in a small office / cubicle. He is happy to work (want to retire) for a small SIM-card provider company of which we all know that the future is meant to be SIM-less in a matter of years.

On the other side, if you choose the red pill, one must be prepared to embrace risks as well as new opportunities. Throw away the status quo, throw away the past. Take calculated risks to pursue your goals. Think outside the box. Imagine the life you want and go for it. Some people would deem happiness as achieving the lifestyle in the video below:

Whatever it is – I do acknowledge that there is no uniform standard in respect of pursuit of happiness as everyone’s perspective is different. Some people prefer money, some people prefer a simple life. What matters – one should maximise one’s potential to consider multiple permutations that be pursued in one’s life. Again, if you are happy, do not fix it if it is not broken. If you are not happy, do consider taking the ‘red pill’.

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