Ignorance Is Bliss?

Have you ever wondered – as you age, you start adopting a ‘cocoon’ attitude towards everything? What I mean by ‘cocoon’ is that you choose to ignore the surrounding, care less about external developments and becoming more self-centered. It is very true to some extent in one’s corporate life, notwithstanding whether one may or may not realise this, one may be gradually evolving into a corporate cocoon.

For example, if you are in the late 40s and you did not ‘really made it’ in the ranks, you probably try to protect yourself by protecting your retirement path. One way is to choose to ignore things. Ignore your colleagues. If it’s not your problem, why bother about it. Ignorance is bliss. Do not rock the boat when you are almost there in achieving your retirement dream from the corporate life.

What may one choose to ignore?

  • Asking for more responsibilities and more roles;
  • Asking for promotion or higher pay
  • Asking for more challenges
  • Don’t do more, do everything that is on the dot
  • Shy away from new projects

Is ignorance really a bliss?

Depends on how you look at it. If you just want to earn your steady stream of recurring salary and there is NO DEVELOPING THREAT (to your status quo position), may be it’s a good thing to keep a low profile in the corporate world. Lay low, stay on track towards retirement and more importantly, enjoy your time with your family.

I prefer to adopt circumstantial ignorance

You should not ignore everything in the corporate world. Adopt circumstantial ignorance – choosing what is important that can be further leveraged for future growth / development. For example, if there is one on-going project. Learn from it, dedicate full commitment towards it and make full use of it. Perhaps, the skills you learnt from this project will catapult you to a new future path (even during post-retirement). Stay humble but do not stay as 100% corporate cocoon.

Lastly, circumstantial ignorance is a bliss, total ignorance is a pure form of stupidity. No man is an island.

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