Back To Emerging Markets…

Went to office on Wednesday. Heard there were many direct / indirect Covid cases happening in the office.

How I wish that I can work from home instead of going to the office. Felt like a sitting duck. Dissemination of vaccine is slow here. New wave is emerging. More uncertainties ahead.

For this week, I have been focusing on Emerging Markets. Personally, I can see the growth & enormous potential will be in this region.

First of all, I took a long stock position in $EEM, felt that the ETF has been consolidating since Feb / Mar this year and may appear to break out on the upside.

Secondly, took debit call spread and long stock positions in $KWEB, to gain access to Chinese internet companies that provide similar services as Google, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Amazon, etc. Felt that this ETF has bottomed up and anticipating near term stability between Chinese administration and internet chinese companies.

Has KWEB reached its bottom?

Next, took small long stock position in $VNM, an ETF that tracks major caps listed on Vietnam Exchange. Surprisingly, Covid cases in Vietnam appear manageable. Given trade relations between US and China, anticipate this country to benefit from this, as Vietnam may continue to play the surrogate role to China manufacturing / export industries.

This ETF remains on an uptrend

Ahead of its earnings announcement, took a credit put spread and long stock positions in $VIAC. Anticipates that its share price has reached its bottom and hoping for an earnings surprise to reverse its trend towards an upward trajectory.

Disclaimer: This is not an investment or trading advice. Please refer to general disclaimer of this blog. If in doubt – please consult with your licensed financial planner or adviser.

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