My Caffeine

My name is Ken. I am based out of the South East Asia region.

I am a part-time investor / trader. I love cafes & coffee (this explains the title of my blog). I trade the US options markets as well as global asset classes.

Caffeine Of My Life

I want to achieve the following personal goals (“The 3F Goals”):

  1. Financial freedom – (i) bidding farewell to my corporate world (ii) generating sufficient income to provide for my family / expenses (iii) more time to do point 3 (below)
  2. Financial educator – achieving sufficient track record / experience to be a financial educator. Hoping to educate / coach people to get out of their rat race
  3. Financial donation – if I am able to earn sufficient profits / returns, I am able to devote myself and commit financially on my CSR activities

This blog captures my journey as a global investor (hopefully the end outcome of my journey will be able to trade full time). Hope to share my humble thoughts about the markets. #TheCafeInvestor

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